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BeijingInternational Import Food Expo 2014

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Beijing International Import Food Expo 2014

      July 4-6 ,2014      Beijing Exhibition Center


Share the Global Taste

 Organizers ­­

China Chamber of International Commerce

Zhenwei Exhibition Group


Exhibition Profile

Organized by China Chamber of International Commerce and Zhenwei Exhibition Group, the 3rd Beijing International Import Food Expo (CIPFE) will be held in Beijing Exhibition Center on July 4-6, 2014. With10000 square meters exhibit space, CIPFE will attract more than 300 international enterprises from nearly 30 countries like USA, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea etc. The theme is Share the Global Taste. 


China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC), which was approved by The State Council, develops and promotes the international business rules together with China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) to improve the communication and cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises. CCOIC has built all-embracing economic contacts with more than 200 countries’ chambers of international commerce, signed cooperation agreements with more than 160 organizations, and has more than 70 000 enterprises in China.


Zhenwei Exhibition Group was evaluated as one of the top ten influential exhibition organizations of China. Also Zhenwei Exhibition Group is the Deputy-Chairman Enterprise of China Convention & Exhibition Society and has been a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). More than 30 exhibitions organized by Zhenwei held each year in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, TIanjin, Xi’an, Chengdu and Xinjiang. China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE) held by Zhenwei with 90000 square meters exhibition space, is the largest petroleum exhibition in the world, which has attracted 1600 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions, including 46 exhibitors from the Top 500 enterprises.


CIPFE is the only one National-level Import food expo in Beijing. The CCOIC and Zhenwei will build a famous Brand Exhibition Project, and make full use of the 200,000 professional database, which include the international buyers in China, Import and Export companies, Food agencies, Supermarket, High-end club etc. Besides, the large professional visiting Group will come to visit CIPFE.


Insights from a two- year market observation, deep communications with over fifty organizations and high-end media in food industry and responses from thousands of import food customers, we draw an important conclusion that China is the right place for imported food exhibitions and Beijing is the first choice.In 2012, sales volume of imported food is 5 times bigger compared to the past year. Huge market attracted more and more foreign food companies.


According to some facts,Imported milk powder takes up 50% of the market share in China, growth rate of imported wine in Chinese market is over 60% in the past five years, imported health products have increased by 12% each year. In China annual growth rate of imported olive oil approaches 100%. Data from an internationally renowned research institution shows that imported food consumers have take up 24% of the whole consumers of China. It is predicted that China is on the way to be the biggest consumption country of imported food in the world.


If you are the following international food suppliers, please come and find your business opportunities.


01 dairy products, milk product and egg product

02 wine and spirits

03 edible oil, olive oil as well as grain and oil product

04 health product and dietary supplement

05 confectionery, pastry and bread

06 diet food and children food

07 sweet, chocolate and snack

08 food additives

09 fresh fruit, vegetable and dried fruit

10 gourmet foods

11 condiments

12 coffee, tea and beverage

13 fresh semi-finished products and ready-to-use food

14 frozen food and ice cream

15 sea food

16 fresh meats, cured meat

17 canned food and other preserved food

18 professional institution and media

19 government institution and associate

20 technical and internet related.


Concurrent Events

Partner Collection for CIPFE Events

CIPFE goes with various events to meet with diversified needs of different participants.  Form, workshop, new product launches and food tasting are all planed for your attendance. Exhibitors, associations are all welcomed to work with us to plan or organize your events.

Technical Seminar

During the exhibition, we will assist the exhibitors to hold muliti-tech communications. Seminars or product launches are welcomed .Each session will last for one hour.


Exhibition Mode and Cost

Space with shell scheme: standard A CNY18, 000 / 12sqm;standard B CNY15, 000 / 12sqm

Raw space:A  CNY1,500/ sqm;  B  CNY1,000/ sqm (minimum 36 sqm)

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